Gloria Dei partners in many ways with fellow Christians around the world. This is especially true of the relationship with Hephatha Lutheran Church, located in inner city Milwaukee at 17th and Locust.  Hephatha stands as not just a shining light of hope but hope in action, reaching out to those in need in many difficult circumstances that are found in the inner city.  Children are a special focus for this congregation, which welcomes all with not just the usual Sunday school learning, but with real, practical life lessons.  Members reach out into the community, showing that Christ is not just alive and well, but working through the hands of the members of Hephatha Lutheran.  Those working hands, however, could not be a reality except for the partner churches like Gloria Dei that provide financial support.  The members of Hepatha may be poor by monetary standards, but they are rich in commitment to God’s work.  Our partnership measures over 20 years: from a time the congregation was struggling to survive, to today, where it continues to stand as a model of God’s intentions for people to relate in love to one another.