Gloria Dei Lutheran Church is a Mission Congregation, begun over 50 years ago.  Gloria Dei is a Latin term, meaning Glory to God.  Paul, in his 1st letter to the Corinthians, wrote this: “whatever you do, do everything for the Glory of God.”  Giving glory to God is a central activity of the mission of all Christians.  We do this together as a Christian community of folks on Tullar Road! We continue the principles of mission work, in our neighborhood,  in the greater area, and around the world.  Motivated by the Love of God, thru Jesus Christ, we seek to bring meaning, purpose & Christ’s love to you and others.  We believe that God has created and given us all things in this life, and in the world. We are grateful for God’s gifts, including his love. But we are human and imperfect.   And in this human-ness, we forget God’s love, we misuse our gifts and relationships, and we make mistakes. God, in unconditional love for us, sent His Son, Jesus, to give His life for us.  So in Jesus, we are forgiven, and continually made whole and new.  We are brought back to God, our relationship with Him made better and right again. The Holy Spirit then guides us in our purpose and call as people who bring Jesus’ love to others.  We follow as “disciples” and live our daily lives as Christians, a.k.a. children of God who are recipients of God’s unconditional love thru Jesus Christ.    This church community is very important.  It is here at Gloria Dei, that folks find support, and can offer support for each other, so that we are strengthened, equipped, and renewed in our purpose to bring Jesus’ love to all others every day. This is God’s mission for us in this world.