In the beginning… There was a piece of land on the corner of Byrd Avenue and Tullar Road. It was uneven with holes and mounds of dirt, a lot of weeds, many loose stones, old stone foundations, an old well and plenty of growing brush. Much rubbish was also strewn about as a result of years of farming. On one acre of this land a building was being built, that later would be dedicated to the glory of God, GLORIA DEI LUTHERAN CHURCH – Gerry Berendsen, first property board chair.

1965 – April 5 : Church lot purchased by The American Lutheran Church -$20,000
1966 – June 31: Parsonage lot was purchased.
1966 – Sept 26: Letter of call issued to Pastor Erling Carlsen.
1966 – Oct 19: Groundbreaking for church
1967 – Mar 5: First worship service
1967 – June 4: 13 families transferred via caravan from Our Savior’s Lutheran Church.
1967 – June 25: First Church Building was dedicated. 41 families listed as members
1970 – First Cherub Choir formed.
1971 – Weekday church school classes for pre-schoolers.
1970’s – Classroom space rented at Conant Jr. High for Sunday School.
1978 – Ground breaking for the second church unit 
1979 – Dedication of 2nd unit. 
1979 - Garage constructed
1981 - Completion of basement Sunday School rooms
1987 - Parsonage debt paid off.
1987 - Congregation voted to join the New Evangelical Lutheran Church (ELCA)
1992 – 25th Anniversary Celebration Service and dinner. 
1999 – Mortgage burning service ($106,917.77)
2001 - Ground breaking for 3rd unit
2001 – Nov. 4 Dedication Service 3rd unit

2018 - 50th Anniversary

2019 - Mortgage Paid Off

Rev. Erling Carlsen, January 1967 to January 1972
Rev. Oradell Nordness, May, 1972 to September 1987
Rev. John Carrier, January 1988 to August 1993
Rev. Nancy Toensing, February 1994 to January 2003
Rev. Dale Wilson, February 2004 to July 2006
Rev. Jon & Rev. Tabitha Gallatin March 2008 to present 

Rev. Wendy Wirth Brock, Kingo Lutheran Church, Shorewood, WI.
Rev. Deborah (Dee) Sim, Our Saviors Lutheran Church, Appleton, WI.
Rev. Jennifer (Graf) Fite, First English, Wisconsin Rapids, WI.
Rev. Rakel Evenson, New Life Lutheran Church, Bolinbrook, IL.

Rev. Rene Mehlberg, Trinity Lutheran Church, Laporte, MN.